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Why Red Table Talk? Want to get a funny, fresh and sometimes deep perspective on American movie and entertainment stars that shows style? Everything about the Red Table Talk. The official site domain name: See some moments of the old and new The Matrix team . Learn some unexpected moments with personalities most of us have seen since 20 years and more.


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Conversations between Ms. Banfield-Norris, daeugher Ms. Pinkett Smith and grand daughter Willow started a few years before the show began in 2018. “Willow had been asking questions,” Ms. Banfield-Norris stated. “And it dawned on Jada that there’s a lot of things that Willow just doesn’t know about us.” There were no lights or camera crew, but there was a kitchen table. One day, Jada decided to record. A first video was posted in 2013. The Jordyn Woods episode of “Red Table Talk” was viewed 33 million times and helped make the show a place where celebrities and everyday people could further explain their choices or struggles. “As women, we’ve all let our little-girl behavior get us into some grown-woman mess,” Ms. Banfield-Norris said of the situation with Ms. Woods. Chelsea Handler has appeared on the show to discuss white privilege; Demi Moore — along with two of her daughters, Rumer and Tallulah Willis — joined to talk about her recovery from drug abuse; and T.I. came on after experiencing widespread backlash for saying he accompanies his daughter to her annual gynecology appointment to ensure her hymen is intact
. In 2019, “Red Table Talk” was Facebook Watch’s No. 1 original series in the United States, based on viewership. Its Facebook group has over 600,000 members. Beside the open speech from the heart - as it appears - it´s also about showing style. Outside of the occasional television or film appearance in connection to her daughter, this is Ms. Banfield-Norris’s first on-camera job. In the future, she hopes to do voice-over work. “The only reason I actually agreed to it was because it was Jada, and I knew that I would be safe,” she said. Still, “it has not been that comfortable. Sometimes I do have a hard time on the show finding my voice. It’s difficult.”

Modern senior shows style

The woman, mother and grandmother Banfield-Norris lives in Baltimore and Los Angeles, with her husband, Rodney. This is her fourth marriage and they have been married for three years. Part of her recovery includes fitness and staying active, which she describes as part of her “get better plan.” The gym has helped her not only with sobriety, but with codependency as well. She also likes to Chicago-style step — a form of swing dancing — and roller skates twice a week at Skateland in Northridge. “I think there is so much stigma attached to addiction, and people have in their mind’s eye about what they think that person looks like, where they came from, who that person is,” she said. “You have no idea.” She is also traveling and reading books, some that are part of her 12-step program for addiction recovery. With “Red Table Talk,” she hopes to send a reminder that older women are still vibrant. “I would really like to bring women my age back to the forefront,” she said.

The beauty of success

Red Table Talk is an award-winning USAmerican talk show led by Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith and Jada’s mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris. First aired in May 2018 under Facebook Watch. The show's second season premiered in May 2019. Facebook Watch renewed the web series for a two more seasons, starting in February 2020 and March 2021, respectively. The series now has a spinoff, Red Table Talk: The Estefans, led by Gloria Estefan, Emily Estefan and Lili Estefan.

With Facebook watch this format is a Video on Demand service. Obviously Jada shows style by wearing so different fashion and hair styles.

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